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UV Flatbed Printer

Nocai as a uv printing machine manufacturers and UV flatbed printer manufacturers has been recognised nicely in a collection of superior UV printing machine which include all unique sizes of UV flatbed printer. such as small format UV printer, small uv flatbed printer and the small flatbed printer and the others. Nuocai has been known well in a series of advanced equipment including different sizes of UV flatbed printer and UV printer printer desktop with 15 years of industry experience.

At present, we have produced many merchandise for clients of extraordinary fashion and designs from all over the world.  Including all types of UV printing machine,uv printer flatbed, UV inkjet printer, uv phone case printer, a2 size UV printer,small format uv flatbed printer, digital printing machine,digital tshirt printing machine and different products with a lifelike uv printing machine price to our customers.

Having advanced knowledge and the know-how in UV printing machine technology, Nuocai’s range of UV inkjet printers affords unrivalled first-rate and versatility, opening up limitless commercial enterprise possibilities for you. 

Followings are some introduction about our UV flabted printer.

What products can a UV flabted printer print?

How many kinds of materials can UV flatbed printers print? Previous printers were printed on tradition paper, and we have always dreamed of printing beautiful patterns on any object. Now UV flatbed printers made it!

Based on this dream, since 2003, we have taken the lead in producing the first UV flatbed printer in China, which can be used for a variety of printing. Except for silicone oil or silicone objects, all flat products made from all other materials can be printed.

Various kinds of products, no matter small as food packaging bags, mobile phone cases, jade, or large as wine bottles, aluminum cans, aluminum tubes, golf balls, soccer ball skins and so on, can all be printed. So the UV flatbed printer can be used as an acrylic printing machine, custom mobile phone case printing machine, wood printing machine, metal printing machine, package bag printing machine, cup printing machine, wine bottle printing machine, leather printing machine, barcode printing machine ,color printing machine and so on.

After 18 years of development, our UV flatbed printers have not only achieved a major breakthrough in printing materials, but also achieved a breakthrough in printing quality. Our machines can print better than 95% of the machines on the market even with secondary printing products. What's more, by using high-precision printing, you can precisely print 0.01mm characters.

Advantages of NOCAI UV flatbed printer

In comparing the price/performance ratio of UV flatbed printers, I think there are following main criteria: printing accuracy, ink used in printers, image reproduction degree of printed materials, printer nozzles and ink system.

Which related to print accuracy is the number of passes and the type of feathering. Our company has done such a test: if a company uses the same machine, picture, print mode and printed materials, printing with our UV flatbed printers is much better than its peers.

Our company's printer uses ink with tiny grains, which makes the printed image very delicate. Whether using black or white ink, the printing effect and quality are extremely high. Our company is also involved in the research of ink configuration, so the UV flatbed printers and ink of our company are highly compatible.

The printer's nozzle uses Epson nozzles. Although it was not developed by our company, the effect printed by our printer is also outstanding compared with the same peers who use this nozzle.

Regarding the white ink agitation system, since the white ink is prone to precipitate when it is not used for a long period of time, we use the white ink mixer to prevent the white ink from being precipitated, so as to avoid the nozzle from clogging.

About flatbed UV printer

UV flatbed printers are high-tech, free-printing full-color digital presses which can print a variety of materials such as T-shirts, sliding doors, glass, sheets, acrylic, metal, stone, leather and so on.

Nowadays, UV flatbed printers, especially inkjet printers, are becoming more and more widely used. Photo printers, wood printers, cup printers, mug printing, T-shirt printers, etc. have become the assistants to businessmen or entrepreneurs, creating greater value at a lower cost.

In the UV flatbed printers industry, from a public point of view, I highly recommend our company's UV flatbed printers, its performance configuration is first-class, let alone the appearance of the machine. Bo Yi Chuang has been operating for 18 years since its establishment and has strong theoretical knowledge and practical experience. The printing accuracy and color reproduction are also very high.